Posted on 10. Jan, 2013 in News

Baillieu Government Health Minister David Davis has stopped the release of two sets of important documents regarding Victoria’s public health system while he is embroiled in the blame-game with the Federal Government, Shadow Health Minister Gavin Jennings said today.

Mr Jennings said Mr Davis had both the Victorian Health Services Performance Data for the 2012 September quarter and the Statement of Priorities for each hospital across the state.

“These documents are important indicators of the health of our hospital system – they will provide a snapshot of both how the system faired last year, while also demonstrating where it is heading over the next 12 months,” Mr Jennings said.

“It’s clear that there is no good news in each of the reports, which is why Mr Davis is preventing them from being released.

“The Baillieu Government has form when it comes to sitting on important public information, only to drop it out when it is least likely to gain scrutiny. Our dump alert is designed to draw attention to this cynical practice.”

1: Victorian Health Services Performance Data: September Quarter

Victorian Hospital performance data for the June to September quarter is now well overdue for public release.

The Baillieu Government is sitting on this data because it will reveal the Victorian health system was in crisis long before the Commonwealth Government made their funding adjustment late last year.

This set of data will likely reveal that the performance of Victoria’s hospitals between June and September headed backwards – buckling under the pressure of the Baillieu Government’s $616 million health funding cut.

The Government is preventing the release of this data because it will put a lie to their claim that they are blameless for the state of crisis gripping our hospitals.

2: Statements of Priority

These annual contracts will reveal the real impact of the $616 million in health funding cuts made by the Baillieu Government because they are likely to show a drop in the level of service hospitals will be required to provide to the public.

These contracts were agreed late last year.

It is likely that David Davis will claim that the reason for the delay is to re-scope hospital performance targets following the Commonwealth Government funding adjustment.

Mr Davis would have known this adjustment was coming. This process of adjustment was set out in the national health funding agreement signed by Ted Baillieu.

There is no legitimate reason for the Baillieu Government to sit on these contracts. In line with previous year’s practice they should be publically available by now.

The most likely explanation is that Mr Davis is waiting to dump them out to avoid scrutiny over the impact of his Government’s $616 million cut.

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