Posted on 23. Dec, 2013 in News

The Napthine Government has prevented the release of dozens of important health documents which detail the crumbling state of the health system, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews said the hospital performance data and each health service’s contracts had been ready to be released, but were sitting on the Health Minister’s desk because they show our hospitals are in crisis.

“It’s Christmas time and, like Ted Baillieu before him, Denis Napthine is preparing to dump all his bad news when most people are preparing for holidays with their families,” Mr Andrews said.

“These documents are important indicators of the health of our hospital system – they will provide a snapshot of both how the system faired this year, while also demonstrating where it is heading over the next 12 months.

“We have had a year of failures in the ambulance system and clogged emergency departments – we know the health system is struggling.

“The Napthine Government has form when it comes to hiding important public information. Despite promising to release quarterly outpatient waiting list numbers and the time patients wait to get an appointment, after three years, there is no sign of this information.

“The Government has also failed to implement the promise to have a “real-time” health website for hospital waiting times.”

The documents outstanding are:

1: Victorian Health Services Performance Data: September Quarter

Victorian Hospital performance data for the June to September quarter is now well overdue for public release. These documents show a range of performance indicators, including the elective surgery waiting list at each hospital across the state. This state-wide waiting list has hit 50,000 for the first time ever under this Government and is expected to rise again.

2: Statement of Priorities

These annual contracts will demonstrate how much funding the Napthine Government is providing health services and what performance indicators are expected of each. These include how much surgery should be performed at each hospital and what number of patients waiting for surgery the government is prepared to accept. For the last two years there has been less surgery being undertaken and increases in the waiting list.

“Mr Napthine has cut $826 million out of the health system and he has failed on his promise to add 800 new beds to our hospitals,” he said.

“That’s why our hospitals are struggling to cope with demand, that is why our emergency departments are full, and that is why our ambulance service is failing to attend to emergencies quick enough.

“Since this government was elected the number of people waiting for elective surgery has sky-rocketed to its highest ever levels, our emergency departments are out of control, ambulance response times have blown out at every single metropolitan ambulance station and Denis Napthine is trying hide it from Victorians.”

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