Posted on 01. Mar, 2013 in Clayton Update

Crime in the Clayton electorate has again jumped showing the Baillieu Government’s so-called tough on crime stance is failing, with new police crime statistics showing significant rises across nearly all categories, Member for Clayton Hong Lim said today.

Mr Lim said Victoria Police Local Government Area statistics showed an alarming jump in Assaults and Burglary categories.

“These figures show the Baillieu Government’s so-called tough on crime stance is in tatters with jumps in crime yet,” Mr Lim said.

“Families in the Clayton electorate have every right to be concerned as under Labor, Victorians saw 10 years of reduced crime rates, but Mr Baillieu and Deputy Leader and Minister for Police Peter Ryan have managed to unravel that good work in two years.

“Cutting the Victoria Police budget by $65 million and slashing 350 staff is having a significant impact on tackling crime.

“Under the Baillieu Government in 2012 there were 14358 crimes in the CGD, 9631 crimes in Kingston & 8790 crimes in Monash, an increase of 6.9% in the CGD, 15.7% in Kingston & 16.3% in Monash on the previous year.

“Victoria Police statistics show Assaults for 2012 in the CGD were 1772 an increase of 4.6%, 924 in Kingston, an increase of 9.2% and 693 in Monash, an increase of 31.5%. Burglary crime percentage increases were 5.4% in the CGD, 17% in Kingston and 26.7% in the City of Monash. Drug offences in Kingston increased 43.9%.”

Mr Lim said state-wide figures showed crime against the person jumped 12.9 per cent, drug offences jumped 19.1 per cent and assault including family violence has blown out 17.2 per cent.

“Assaults excluding family violence jumped 6.4 per cent with 27,000 offences recorded, burglary rose 11.5 per cent and motor vehicle theft jumped 10.8 per cent,” Mr Lim said.”

“Records of family violence assaults are up a staggering 37%, which is on top of a 40% increase the year before.

“The Baillieu Government’s election promise to get tough and reduce crime has failed and it is families in the Clayton electorate who are suffering.

“The Baillieu Government is all spin when it comes to preventing and reducing crime.

“What we know is that Victoria Police has been hit with a $65 million budget cut and stripped of 350 staff and 480 Department of Justice staff – this takes police off the beat.

“The Government’s bungled PSO policy has blown out by more than $60 million and is behind schedule while Mr Ryan cuts police resources crime in the Clayton electorate jumps.”

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