Posted on 06. Feb, 2013 in News

The Baillieu Government avoided providing an explanation today about why the $300 million cuts to TAFE were ‘necessary’ as claimed by the Premier, Shadow Skills Minister Steve Herbert said today.

Mr Herbert said the Premier was presented with the situation being faced by a mother from Cranbourne whose night classes were cut as a result of the Government’s savage TAFE cuts.

“Today, Mr Baillieu has heard first-hand about the impact that his cuts are having on hardworking Victorians,” Mr Herbert said.

“Mr Baillieu just yesterday said the cuts to TAFE were ‘necessary’, but Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews put the case of Nadine to the Premier, asking him if he could explain what was necessary about the situation his cuts have put her in.

“Nadine has been studying Community Services at TAFE, but this year the night classes have been cancelled by Chisholm to help deal with the massive funding cuts imposed on that institution by the Baillieu Government.

“Nadine is now in the situation where she either has to give up her job in order to finish her studies during the day, or quit her diploma and her dreams of a better job working to help others.

“When presented with this information Mr Baillieu simply couldn’t answer the question.

“Whether it is the Baillieu Government’s $300 million cuts to TAFE or its $555 million cuts to education, the price is being paid by families like Nadine’s who simply can’t afford it.”

Member for Cranbourne Jude Perera said the campaign to fight Mr Baillieu’s cuts on TAFE and education had received a strong response.

“Since students are starting class for the new year, Labor has been meeting with students, their families and teachers to discuss the impact these cuts are having on them and their families,” he said.

“Today we presented to the Premier just a few of the 500-plus responses we have received across the state to our ‘No More Cuts’ petition.

“It’s clear that Ted Baillieu is not working on education.”

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