Posted on 18. Jan, 2013 in News

The Baillieu Government’s much anticipated response to Victorian TAFE transition plans is due for release, Shadow Minister for Higher Education Steve Herbert said.

The Transition plans, leaked to the media in 2012, showed TAFEs across the state were struggling to deal with the $300 million cut from their budgets by the Baillieu Government.

Mr Herbert said Higher Education Minister Peter Hall was due to outline the government response last year.

“The Baillieu Government are yet to outline to the VET sector what it will do to assist TAFEs struggling with the massive cuts outlined in last year’s State Budget,” Mr Herbert said.

“The sector is desperately waiting on how the government will help them cope, along with staff and students who are also feeling the impact of the governments ‘restructure’.

“Many institutions’ transition plans outlined selling campuses, cancelling courses, sacking staff and hiking student fees.

“In terms of limiting the impact caused by the cuts, the ball is firmly in the Baillieu Government’s court.”

Mr Herbert said given the outrage in the community about TAFE cuts, the Baillieu Government must ensure there is a proper discussion about what the next steps are to ensure Victoria has a viable TAFE and further education sector.

“The Baillieu Government is on notice if it tries to release this important response during the summer events like the Australian Open finals,” he said.

“The TAFE admission process is nearly complete and soon TAFE boards of management will see clearly what the impact is on enrolment numbers after the fee rises.

“If the Government waits much longer, the damage caused by the cuts might not be able to be reversed.

“Instead of hiding the information, Mr Hall and Mr Baillieu should release the document: they should be open and transparent, which after all, is only what they promised.”

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