Posted on 19. Jun, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government’s decision to cut more than $25 million of financial assistance to community health services will have a disastrous impact on services for Victorian women, Shadow Minister for Women Danielle Green said today.

Funding for community health programs targeted at stopping family violence, curbing sexually transmitted diseases, and preventing unwanted pregnancies will be affected through the Baillieu Government’s cuts.

Ms Green said there were nine regional women’s health services and three state-wide services funded through the Women’s Health Program in Victoria that would be impacted.

“Victorians will be horrified to learn that fire and flood affected communities like Kinglake and Gippsland will not be exempted from these cuts.

“Women’s health services provide vital assistance for women across the state and these cuts will have a serious impact on their ability to deliver much-needed programs,” Ms Green said.

“These are areas where a small amount of money can make a huge difference and the Baillieu Government should make a commitment to refund these programs.

“Women’s Health Services deliver programs on a state-wide basis that are tailored to the specific needs of particular regions and communities.

“The women’s health program is efficient and cost-effective, producing results far beyond what the budgets of those programs would indicate.”

The Baillieu Government’s decision to cut funding to women’s health services and integrated health programs has been heavily criticised by women’s organisations across the state.

Ms Green said the Minister for Health, David Davis’ claims that these cuts were a “modest reduction” in tough economic times were categorically wrong.

“Mr Davis simply cannot put a price on the health and wellbeing of Victorian women,” she said.

“These are senseless cuts that target the most vulnerable women and children in all parts of the State, in the centre of Melbourne, in the suburbs, in the regions and in small towns.

“Mr Baillieu has shown his complete disregard for vital services that support thousands of Victorian women across the state.”

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