Posted on 08. Feb, 2012 in News

The Premier needs to detail exactly which areas and positions will be impacted by his Government’s decision to slash thousands of jobs from the public sector, Leader of the Opposition Daniel Andrews said today.

In Parliament today, senior Baillieu Government Ministers refused to confirm that court reporters and school support services officers such as speech pathologists and social workers would be exempt from the 3600 job cuts.

“It’s been almost two months since the Baillieu Government announced it would sack 3600 workers from the public sector, but Victorians are still unaware which services will be impacted,” Mr Andrews said.

“Victorians understand that you can’t cut 3600 workers without impacting frontline services families rely on, so why doesn’t Ted Baillieu?

“No Victorian can trust Mr Baillieu’s word that services such as hospitals and schools won’t be impacted – this is the same person who said he would not cut public sector workers.

“If the Government isn’t prepared to rule out cutting school speech pathologists or court reporters, who else may not be exempt? What about youth justice staff who run rehabilitation, programs or those who supervise compliance of community-based orders?

“Who is on Ted Baillieu’s hit list, and who isn’t?

“Mr Baillieu’s refusal to indicate who is on his job cuts hit list shows all Victorians yet again that he’s either doing nothing or getting it completely wrong.”

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