Posted on 04. Apr, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government has again failed to release hospital performance data on time as promised, the Shadow Minister for Health, Gavin Jennings, said today.

Mr Jennings said the Baillieu Government promised to release Victorian Health Services Performance Reports every quarter but had released no data since Christmas.

“Health Minister David Davis has broken his promise to release the Health Services Performance Report every quarter,” Mr Jennings said.

“In a media release from June 2011, Mr Davis launched the first “quarterly” report saying:

The Victorian Government is committed to introducing a new regime of transparency…they are important so that people can get a realistic picture of how the system is performing.

“It appears Mr Davis has changed his mind about how ‘important’ this is. He took six months to release the June 2011 quarterly figures, and now the March figures are overdue.

“It makes a mockery of the Baillieu Government’s commitment to openness and accountability.”

Mr Jennings said Victorians should not be surprised by the delays.

“The last reports exposed the Baillieu Government’s failure to boost the health system’s performance with record numbers of patients waiting for elective surgery,” Mr Jennings said.

“It confirmed what health professionals have been saying for many months – Victoria’s hospital system has never been as bad as this.”

Mr Jennings said hospitals should not hold their breath waiting for a badly needed cash injection in next month’s State Budget to cope with increasing demand for health services.

“What they should expect are even more cuts that will hit a system already reeling from the $500 million slashed from the health budget in last year’s State Budget,” he said.

“As a result of these cuts, Victorian hospitals will be performing 9395 less elective surgeries this year, and there will be an additional 7564 people on the waiting list by June 30.

“Sadly, Victorian’s are beginning to realise the Government they’ve got is very different from the one they voted for.”

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