Posted on 28. Jun, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government must detail where it has placed an additional 100 beds it promised to deliver by the end of this month, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews stepped up pressure on the Baillieu Government to disclose the location of the new beds at an Australian Nursing Federation conference in Melbourne today.

“Mr Baillieu promised to fund an additional 800 hospital beds in his first term of government ¬¬– and to deliver the first 100 beds by the end of this financial year,” Mr Andrews said.

“But in the last 19 months, the Government has refused to say where these new beds will go.

“Three days from his June 30 deadline, Victorians are still none the wiser.

“If Mr Davis could find out what beds were closed during the nurses’ dispute, Mr Baillieu can tell us where his new beds are now.

“If he doesn’t, Victorians have every right to question whether these new beds exist.”

Mr Andrews said Victorians had every right to be sceptical about the Baillieu Government’s promise given the dire state of Victoria’s hospital system.

“Health professionals, are all saying the same thing; Victoria’s health system has never been as bad as this,” Mr Andrews said.

“Elective surgery waiting lists have blown out to record levels, frustrated and stressed paramedics are leaving the profession in droves, and we are hearing more and more cases of sub-standard treatment in hospitals.”

Mr Andrews said the health system had deteriorated under the Baillieu Government and will only get worse.

“The latest data shows there were 43,725 patients on the elective surgery waiting list at the end of December – a rise of 5559 since they came to office.

“To make matters worse, in this year’s budget, growth funding for hospitals was slashed by almost half of what was previously delivered.

“Overall, they have reduced health spending by more than $600 million.”

Mr Andrews said Mr Davis and Mr Baillieu must start being honest and accountable to Victorians.

“They must tell Victorians where the new beds are, or admit the beds don’t exist,” he said.

“Sadly, Victorian are no longer surprised when this government breaks a promise.”



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