Posted on 21. Dec, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government will tomorrow hit the shameful anniversary of two years of unresolved negotiations with Victorian teachers, Steve Herbert, Shadow Minister for the Teaching Profession said today.

Mr Herbert said that Saturday 22 December marks two years since negotiations began on the enterprise bargaining agreement for Victorian teachers.

“The failure of Ted Baillieu to deliver on his promise to make Victorian teachers the highest paid in the nation has seen two years of protracted negotiations and no conclusion,” Mr Herbert said.

“It is absolutely clear to everyone except Ted Baillieu that flexibility is needed to resolve this dispute.”

So far the teachers’ dispute has seen:

• The largest education strike in Victorian history,
• Rolling regional work stoppages,
• Bans on providing written comments on Term 4 student reports, and
• Bans on coalition MPs entering schools.

As we enter the Christmas period, if this dispute is not resolved we will see:

• A 38 hour work-to-rule,
• Heartbreak for many students as school camps for the start of 2013 are abandoned,
• More state-wide stoppages and industrial turmoil in 2013.

Mr Herbert said that the Victorian Opposition urges Ted Baillieu to rethink his strategy and do what it takes to get this dispute resolved.

“Despite the fact that Ted Baillieu promised that Victorian teachers would be the highest paid in the nation, teachers have been prepared to be flexible and have reduced their pay claim in order to get the dispute resolved, but the Premier refuses to negotiate.”

“It’s time for Ted Baillieu to stop the spin, put ideology aside, roll up his sleeves and for the sake of our children, get to work to end this dispute,” said Mr Herbert.

“It is clear that the Minister responsible, Peter Hall, has neither the ability nor the clout to get a resolution. The only person who can resolve this dispute is Premier Ted Baillieu.”

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