Posted on 06. Feb, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government’s announcement of additional resources to fight family violence is too little too late for many family violence victims, Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention Jill Hennessy said today.

“The Baillieu Government has been slow to react to a sharp increase in reports of family violence across the State, and I fear this announcement simply doesn’t provide the resources needed to combat this serious issue,” Ms Hennessy said.

“The Coalition has spent its first year in office running away from the issue of family violence, instead of tackling it head on.

“Alarmingly, it took 15 months for the Baillieu Government to confirm which Minister is responsible for this important issue, after Crime Prevention Minister Andrew McIntosh passed the buck to the Minister for Women’s Affairs last year.

“It shouldn’t have taken this long for the Baillieu Government to recognise that violence in the home, spousal and domestic abuse and violence are crime prevention issues.

“I hope that by forcing Mr McIntosh to admit that the issue of domestic violence is indeed within his portfolio, Mr Baillieu is finally taking domestic violence seriously.”

Ms Hennessy said the Baillieu Government had to back the police in their fight against domestic violence.

“This is not an issue that can be wished away with good intentions. It requires significant funding for programs, services and information, a public education campaign, and a whole of government approach,” Ms Hennessy said.

“The Premier should adopt the proactive reforms developed and released by Labor last November, which included a call to initiate a Statement to Parliament by the Premier, so that all MPs can affirm their personal commitment to prevent family violence.

“The fight against domestic violence will also require additional resources to overcome existing blockages in the court system to ensure family violence offenders are adequately dealt with in a timely manner.

“I hope that the announcement is the beginning of a set of reforms, backed by funding, that will set about making family violence a mainstream community safety priority.”

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