Posted on 30. Aug, 2012 in Clayton Update

Member for Clayton Hong Lim has demanded the Baillieu Government abandon its new planning permit system that will rob people of their right to protect the value of their home and lifestyles.

Mr Lim joined other Labor members of Parliament who have received more than 10,000 signatures showing the ‘VicSmart’ permit system goes too far.

“The huge number of signatures has put Mr Baillieu on notice – the radical changes set out in VicSmart will ruin the character of our suburbs,” Mr Lim said.

“Residents signed the petition because they are concerned that the changes allow inappropriate development into our suburbs unchecked.

“VicSmart will result in people being stripped of their rights to be notified and also to appeal to VCAT against property developments in their neighbourhood.

“Local residents don’t want to see their street change overnight but under VicSmart they will be powerless to stop it.”

Mr Lim said the changes ignored the fact the biggest investment in people’s lives was their own home.

“People’s homes are the cornerstone of financial security. Your home is not only the place you and your family live. It is also your most important financial asset,” he said.

“At a time when Victorian property values are already being hit because of the Baillieu Government’s lazy economic management, opening the gates to open slather development in suburbs will drive house prices down further.”

“Mr Baillieu needs to understand that these changes go too far. The Premier needs to rein in his Planning Minister reverse these changes.”

The VicSmart legislation should be debated later this month.

Please contact my office on 9543 6081 if you would like a copy of the Liberal Government’s proposed planning permit system changes.


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