Posted on 07. Jun, 2012 in Clayton Update

Teachers from the Clayton electorate were among the thousands who rallied on the steps of parliament today calling on Ted Baillieu to deliver on his election promise.

Before the election, Mr Baillieu said that Victorian teachers would be “not the worst paid, the best paid teachers in Australia”. Following the election, the Minister responsible for the Teaching Profession reiterated the commitment, saying “we see no reason why they should not be paid the highest.”

Member for Clayton Hong Lim joined teachers at the rally.

“Ted Baillieu made a clear promise to teachers in the Clayton electorate that he would make them the highest paid in the nation,” Mr Lim said.

“Eighteen months after being elected, the only thing that’s clear now is that Mr Baillieu is walking away from his commitment.

“Teachers in the Clayton electorate work hard to make sure our children receive the quality education they need and deserve.

“All teachers in the Clayton electorate are asking for is that Mr Baillieu honour what he promised them before the election.

“If Mr Baillieu had delivered on his promise, teachers in the Clayton electorate would not have been forced to take action today.

“I hope Mr Baillieu listens to the calls from teachers my local community and honours his promise to make them the highest paid in the nation.”

Shadow Minister for the Teaching Profession Steve Herbert said the education system was going backwards under Ted Baillieu.

“Mr Baillieu promised to make them the highest paid in the state, but since then he has said he will only entertain a 2.5 per cent increase, plus productivity pay offs,” Mr Herbert said.

“It’s time Mr Baillieu starts treating Victorian teachers with the respect they deserve.

“Mr Baillieu needs to sit down with the teachers’ union and negotiate an outcome before teachers are forced to take further action.”


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