Posted on 15. Jun, 2012 in Victoria

Students in regional Victoria are starting to be hit by the Baillieu Government’s savage funding cuts to TAFEs with eight regional campuses set to close in the Gippsland region.

Advance TAFE has lost $5 million in funding, resulting in 32 jobs losses and eight site closures, including at Yarram, Heyfield, Orbost, Swifts Creek and Mallacoota.

Shadow Minister for Higher Education and Skills Steve Herbert said the Baillieu Government needed to guarantee that no further campuses would be shut because of its $290 million cuts to the sector.

“Education is going backwards under Ted Baillieu and these campus closures and job losses will hurt students in Gippsland,” Mr Herbert said.

“I’m concerned this is just the start of many TAFEs being forced to shut campuses.

“We’ve asked the Premier and his Higher Education Minister to rule out campus closures but both have failed to do so.

“Clearly the Baillieu Government’s TAFE cuts are starting to have a real impact on the sector’s ability to deliver courses across the state.

“Often TAFE campuses in country Victoria are the only training facility available for people living in the area and are one of the biggest employers.

“As campuses close, many people wanting to gain further training and skills will be forced to leave home or miss out.   “The Baillieu Government either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about how important TAFE campuses are to communities in rural and regional Victorians.

“It’s time Mr Baillieu visited TAFES to see first hand what impact his funding cuts are having on these communities.”



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