Posted on 05. Mar, 2012 in Victoria

The Baillieu Government needs to stop attacking nurses and start negotiating with them to end the enterprise bargaining dispute, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.   Mr Andrews and Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards today visited Bendigo Hospital to meet with nurses to discuss their concerns about the Government’s failure to negotiate fairly.

“Nurses in Bendigo and across the state work hard each and every day to take care of patients,” Mr Andrews said.

“The Baillieu Government has spent months attacking nurses instead of finding a way to end the dispute.

“The Government’s secret plan to undermine nurse-to-patient ratios has already been exposed.

“What the Premier has failed to understand is that nurses will fight long and hard to protect their ratios.   “These ratios are crucial to maintaining care for patients, and it’s time the Government gave up its plan to undermine nurse-to-patient ratios by stealth.

“Instead of bagging, threatening and bullying nurses, this Government should be talking to them.”

Ms Edwards called on the Government to support nurses in Bendigo.

“The Baillieu Government’s refusal to negotiate fairly is impacting on Bendigo patients,” Ms Edwards said.

“If the Baillieu Government cared about patients and the health system, the Premier and the Health Minister would start listening to nurses.”


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