Posted on 16. Mar, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government has shortened VicRoads opening hours which will inconvenience thousands of customers, Shadow Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan said today.

On weekdays, VicRoads now close at 4.30pm, or 30 minutes earlier, and has reduced its weekend hours.   “These office hour cuts will make it more difficult for Victorians who work or study during the week to book appointments, pay registration fees or have vehicles inspected,” Mr Donnellan said.

“Road users who need to update their ID photo, undertake a license test or have a vehicle inspected will now be herded into these shorter hours.

“VicRoads have reduced their opening hours on weekends, which will have a massive impact on working Victorians.

“The reduction in weekend hours could result in a ballooning of waiting times for driving test bookings, and could mean people have to wait months to sit these exams.

“Clearly this poorly thought out decision will result in longer lines, poor service and more time taken out of people’s working day.”

Mr Donnellan said the impending 3600 job cuts across Victoria’s public service could mean further service reductions in the future.   “Mr Baillieu won’t outline how many people will get the sack from which department, but if office hours are already being reduced, what will happen when VicRoads have 10 per cent fewer workers?” he said.

“The Baillieu Government needs to explain what impact these service reductions will have on Victoria’s productivity and what the benefits to Victorian motorists and road safety will be.”

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