Mr Mulder said he had ‘fixed’ public transport but it will get much worse after today’s Band-Aid Budget

Posted on 02. May, 2012 in News

Today’s State Budget confirms the Baillieu Government has abandoned its promise to fix Victoria’s public transport, Shadow Minister for Public Transport Fiona Richardson said. Ms Richardson said it appeared the Transport Minister Terry Mulder had well and truly jumped the gun when he said 11 months ago that he had “put public transport back to where it should be”.

“This year’s State Budget has done nothing to turn the Minister’s illusion into reality,” Ms Richardson said.

“Instead of fixing the problems, this Budget has failed to stop the haemorrhaging of Victoria’s public transport with a couple of strategically placed Band-Aids.

“It has failed to meet public transport user’s expectations and the benchmark set by the Auditor General for investment in public transport.”

Ms Richardson said that the State Budget failed to make any new significant investments in the bus, tram or train networks, while it was unclear how many new V/Line trains will be ordered or when they will be delivered.

“The Baillieu Government has again punished bus, tram and train commuters and failed to deliver immediate improvements to Victoria’s transport system,” Ms Richardson said.

“This is exactly the kind of neglect commuters have come to expect from Mr Mulder. Instead of standing up for commuters, he has stood by and watched as services deteriorate and overcrowding becomes a daily norm for commuters.

“Meanwhile, the Baillieu Government will fund an upgrade of the New Street level crossing in the safe Liberal seat of Brighton while hundreds of other more dangerous and more congested crossings around the State are unfunded.”

Ms Richardson said the budget had failed to restore funding to programs to improve public transport access for people living with a disability that were slashed by more than 80 per cent last year.

“Also, instead of restoring the $54.9 million that was slashed from Labor’s Premium Station upgrade program last year, today’s budget papers suggest it will instead prop up the bungled PSO initiative.”


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