Mr Baillieu is taking the Clayton electorate backwards

Posted on 02. May, 2012 in Clayton Update

Families in the Clayton electorate hoping for the Baillieu Government to deliver a budget that would create jobs and provide much-needed support have been let down, Member for Clayton Hong Lim said today.

“Ted Baillieu’s second budget is a horror budget for industry, commuters and families who were hoping for a government that would protect jobs in the South East,” Mr Lim said.

“Instead of setting up Victoria for the future, this budget has set Victoria backwards, slashing funding from schools and TAFEs, failing to invest in major infrastructure to keep the economy moving and next to no investment in public transport in the short term.

“Ted Baillieu has failed the test of leadership. This is a budget of excuses and no solutions.

“Young families in the South East will be hit hard after Mr Baillieu slashed the First Home Owners program, dumped the School Start Bonus, and cut the Education Maintenance Allowance from schools.

“These budget cuts will make it harder for young tradies in the construction industry, and make it harder for young families sending their kids to school.

“Mr Baillieu is also happy to slash a further $100 million from TAFEs – the largest single cut to TAFE funding in Victoria’s history – which will severely hamper the prospects of Victorians looking to up-skill to find a new job.

“While cutting record levels of programs and services, the Baillieu Government is taking more in taxes and fines from Victorians’ pockets than ever before, with revenue up to a record $55 billion.

“And Mr Baillieu’s claims about decreasing federal funding have been shown to be a furphy by his budget – Victoria’s GST revenue will actually increase by 6.3 per cent to $11 billion in 2012-13, raking in an additional $658 million next year.

“Despite this increase in money in the State’s coffers, pensioners are also targeted, getting a miserable 2 per cent increase, despite inflation forecast at 2.75 per cent. At the same time, Mr Baillieu has awarded Ministers and MPs an increase of 2.5 per cent.”

Mr Lim said the Premier has upped the number of public sector jobs to be cut by 600 to 4200 from a Premier who promised he wouldn’t cut a single job.

“In last year’s budget, the Baillieu Government promised it would create 55,000 jobs, but this budget shows employment growth at zero,” he said.

“Victoria is bleeding jobs and this budget demonstrates the Baillieu Government still has no plan to remedy the crisis Victoria is currently in.

“This budget clearly demonstrates the Government doesn’t care about families.”


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