Posted on 19. Apr, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government must clarify whether Metro plans to lay off a further 700 jobs following the sacking of more than 100 rail workers Shadow Minister for Public Transport Fiona Richardson said today.

Ms Richardson said Metro needed more not less workers to deliver extra services and improvements.

“More than 50 Metro rail workers were told they had no job and 58 temporary and vacant positions were also cut,” Ms Richardson said.

“This is a tragic time for these workers and their families.

“But it appears an additional 700 Metro jobs are also under threat”

Ms Richardson said Metro Corporate Relations General Manager Leah Waymark told The Age newspaper more than 800 new people had been recruited since Metro took over the contract, and was 700 more than originally planned.

“As we further centralise, a number of roles are no longer required,” – she said.

“The job losses raise serious doubts about the Baillieu Government’s service delivery next week of extra train services on the Metro system.

“It you take frontline staff away from an expanding and overcrowded rail network service, commuter safety and delivery of new services will be impacted.”

The job losses include:

22 from the operations division; Eight from infrastructure; Six from the legal and commercial; Five from business development; Four from network asset management; Three from administration; Three from safety, quality and environment

“Many of these jobs are frontline services including safety and operations workers despite promises from the Baillieu Government no frontline service jobs would be lost as part of their 3600 cuts to the public service,” she said.

Mr Mulder claimed in Parliament Metro job losses were a result of “streamlining some of their back office functions” and that no “frontline staff have been affected”.

“Mr Mulder’s response beggars belief as safety and operations staff are frontline staff.

“With record patronage and demand on both V/Line and Metro rail systems Mr Mulder must explain how service improvements will be made if safety, operations and infrastructure workers are being sacked.”

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