MEMBERS STATEMENTS – Chinese Community Social Services Centre: achievements – Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012

Posted on 07. Dec, 2012 in Speeches

I rise to praise the community work of the Chinese Community Social Services Centre (CCSSC) and its volunteers. It is the largest non‑profit welfare service provider for the Chinese‑Australian community in Victoria. The operations of the CCSSC cover community settlement, carer support, mental health and a community partner program. Most importantly it runs a Chinese‑specific high‑care facility in Victoria, the On Luck Chinese Nursing Home.

The CCSSC offers the largest Chinese‑specific planned activity group service and operates a successful volunteer coordination program. Volunteers contribute invaluably to the community services, packaged care programs and home and community care programs the CCSSC delivers. The On Luck Chinese Nursing Home also benefits from its volunteers’ provision of professional services without charge. These volunteers are the genuine heroes of the Victorian Chinese community, and they should be acknowledged for their commitment and incredible sacrifice for the community. I attended the volunteers appreciation day at CCSSC on 19 November, and the volunteers received the recognition they deserve for the work to which they have devoted themselves.

I wish to congratulate the executive and members of the CCSSC for their achievements and to pay my respects to each individual member, worker and volunteer under the leadership of Fred Chuah, the chair, and his CEO, Kim Au.


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