Posted on 02. Nov, 2012 in Victoria

The Liberal / National Government is set to short change regional Victorian commuters again repeating Liberal Party history and privatising V/Line, Shadow, Shadow Minister for Public Transport Fiona Richardson said today.

Ms Richardson said the former Kennett Government privatised V/Line in 1999 and the Baillieu Liberal / National Government was well under way to repeating the mistake.

Ms Richardson said industry and sources close to the government were openly discussing Premier Baillieu and Transport Minister Terry Mulder’s plan to offer V/Line to Melbourne train operator Metro.

“The privatisation of V/Line will be disastrous for regional Victoria and should not be repeated,” Ms Richardson said.

”It took Labor years to undo the damage caused by the Kennett Government’s privatisation of V/Line and it has taken the current Liberal / National Government less than two years to return to its failed ideology. “Rural and regional commuters will need no reminding that the last time the Liberal Government privatised V/Line entire train lines were closed and services were slashed to within an inch of their life. “What’s it going to take for the Liberals and Nationals to learn that privatising services like V/Line is simply not in the best interests of commuters?

“The Liberal Minister Terry Mulder seems determined to relive the mistakes of the Kennett era as he sets a disastrous course to privatise V/Line. “The trouble is it is passengers that pay the price for his poor decision making and determination to forget the past.

“The fact that the current Liberal / National Government plans to privatise V/Line just like Jeff Kennett did in the 1990’s is proof positive of the saying that a leopard never changes its spots.”

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