Posted on 10. May, 2012 in News

Labor Spokesperson for Public Transport Fiona Richardson has revealed that the Liberal Government will spend over $17 million, or $268,000 per train station, installing toilets for the exclusive use of Protective Services Officers.

Ms Richardson said that Liberal Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder had raided Labor’s Premium Station upgrade program to pay for the exclusive PSO toilets.

“Instead of upgrading stations to premium status and providing staff from first until last train as well as toilet access for commuters, the Liberal Government will waste $268,000 per station installing toilets for the exclusive use of PSOs,” Ms Richardson said.

“The Liberal Government’s decision to scrap Labor’s Premium Station program and lock commuters out of the $268,000 dunnies gives new meaning to the expression ‘flushing money down the toilet.

“Queensland has the golden pineapple and now, thanks to the Liberals, Victoria will be the home of the golden loos.

“The $17 million allocated in this year’s Liberal budget is only the beginning, with the remaining premium station money also earmarked to be frittered away on future PSO toilet installations across the network bringing the total cost to over $54 million.”

Ms Richardson said that while the Liberal Government had over $17 million in cash to splash on toilets for PSOs this year, important projects across the state had been slashed.

“On the one hand the Liberals are ripping money out of education, health and public transport and on the other hand they are splashing out over $268,000 per station for PSO toilets,” she said.

“Commuters have every right to be angry with this decision by the Liberal Government given that we are still waiting to see any new investment in major public transport infrastructure”.

“It is becoming clear that the needs of commuters simply aren’t a factor when it comes to the decisions being made by this Liberal Government.

“The Liberal Public Transport Minister has once again demonstrated that his pet projects like the Brighton Level crossing and now PSO toilets are more important than the needs of commuters.”


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