Posted on 29. Nov, 2012 in News

Melbourne will be hit by commuter chaos for the second year running after the Baillieu Liberal Government again failed to adequately increase public transport services to cater to the predicted surge in demand in the lead up to Christmas, Shadow Minister for Public Transport Fiona Richardson said today.

Ms Richardson said Liberal Minister Terry Mulder had failed to learn anything from last year and was instead offering the same pitiful response to increased commuter numbers over Christmas that saw the CBD go into meltdown last year.

“Just like last Christmas, the Liberal Government is proposing to add capacity on selected Night Rider bus routes for a maximum of 720 passengers in total,” Ms Richardson said.

“Given that tens of thousands of Victorians will descend on the CBD in the lead up to Christmas, the Liberal Government’s decision to increase the capacity of the entire public transport network by a measly amount is completely inadequate.”

Ms Richardson said that the Baillieu Liberal Government’s decision to prioritise adding services on Night Rider bus routes was politically motivated and favoured Liberal held electorates.

“Commuters who live in Melbourne’s Western and Northern suburbs and regional Victoria have been completely neglected by the Liberal Government’s failure to add a single extra service for the second straight year,” she said.

“The Baillieu Liberal Government has had two years to think about avoiding Christmas commuter chaos, but clearly Terry Mulder has been asleep at the wheel yet again.”

Ms Richardson said that the Baillieu Liberal Government’s failure to provide any additional or extended train and tram services would leave commuters in the CBD with very few options.

“When Santa’s travel options were limited one Christmas he called on Rudolf the red nosed reindeer to help pull his sleigh and get him to where he needed to go,” she said.

“Unfortunately for Victorian commuters, all we have to help us over Christmas is the botched response of Terry the Red Faced Transport Minister.”

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