Posted on 18. May, 2012 in News

The future of one of Victoria’s largest TAFEs, Holmesglen, is in doubt following the Baillieu Government’s $290 million cuts to the sector Shadow Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships Steven Herbert said today.

Mr Herbert said the fact Holmesglen was struggling after having $25.5 million slashed from its budget should be a clear sign to the Minister for Higher Education and Skills Peter Hall that the cuts were not feasible.

“Holmesglen is the one of most innovative and successful TAFEs in the state, if not the country,” Mr Herbert said.

“If it is struggling to cope with these cuts, how can smaller TAFEs expect to survive?

“Already TAFEs across the state are weighing up whether they need to cut courses or sack staff, and the Minister himself couldn’t rule out campus closures.

“This should be a clear signal that these cuts go too far and are threatening the viability of many providers.

“These cuts amount to political vandalism to important public institutions. They are causing a considerable amount of anger in the community.”

Mr Herbert said the Baillieu Government would be held responsible if any TAFEs closed their doors.

“There will be knock-on effects from these massive cuts, both to business and the workforce as well as in regional Victoria where TAFEs are often the community’s only opportunity for further training,” he said.

“Education in Victoria is going backwards under Ted Baillieu and the cuts to TAFEs will only make the situation worse.

“Students and teachers need more support, not less, from this Government.”


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