Posted on 29. Feb, 2012 in News

Reports that the Baillieu Government is set to further slash support for industry will send a shiver down the spine of all Victorians who depend on a strong manufacturing sector for jobs and security, Shadow Minister for Industry Tim Holding said today.

The Australian Financial Review reveals that the Vertigan report will recommend cutting back Government procurement programs that support local suppliers.

“This report, which is now sitting on the Treasurer’s desk, comes on top of VCEC findings last year that recommended further reductions to Government support for local industry,” Mr Holding said.

“A clear pattern is emerging – the Baillieu Government seeks advice from economic advisers with a narrow and predictable ideological view and then spends months dithering and delaying making decisions that are critical for creating investment and protecting jobs.

“Rather than eliciting thought bubbles from economic advisers, the Government must urgently release a jobs plan.

“Now more than ever our State needs strong leadership and a plan that promotes investment and protects Victorian jobs.

“It seems that scarcely a week goes by without another major employer announcing that it’s cutting its workforce or reviewing its operations, yet still the Government is asleep at the wheel.

“Rather than simply blaming other levels of government, the high Australian dollar, the former Government and the global financial crisis, Victorians expect a Government that takes action, not just establishes another review or committee.”


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