Buried By Baillieu. Six Months On, Speed Limit Review Still Not Released

Posted on 30. May, 2012 in News

Six months after completion, the promised Speed Limit Review into Victorian roads is yet to be released, causing continued uncertainty for road users and slowing down projects to improve road safety across Greater Dandenong, Kingston and Monash municipalities.

State Member for Clayton Hong Lim joined Shadow Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan in saying it was alarming that half a year had passed without the report being released.

“What does the Baillieu government have to hide? Why has half a year passed since VicRoads delivered the Speed Limit Review to Transport Minister Terry Mulder with no release to the public?”

Hong Lim said local motorists had a right to know the contents of the review, as it would show which roads needed attention from the Government in terms of safety and speed limit consistency.

“Over 600 submissions were delivered to the government from Victorians before October last year; the review was completed by VicRoads in December, yet it still hasn’t seen the light of day,”

Mr Donnellan said Minister Mulder needed to stop sitting on his hands and stop the excuses for not releasing the review.

“It appears that the review is not being released because the Baillieu government would be embarrassed by its contents, showing no real action to improve road safety,” Mr Donnellan said.

“The Speed Limit Review was promised, it’s been completed by VicRoads, so all the government has to do is release it. That way, motorists living in Greater Dandenong, Kingston and Monash municipalities will no longer be kept in the dark about future road safety on local roads,”

“If this government was serious about easing congestion on our roads, and real infrastructure development, we would have seen a lot more funding for local road projects this year, and we would see the government deliver on its promise to release this review.”


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