Posted on 25. Jun, 2012 in News

Thousands of Victorian families woke this morning to discover they don’t have a job because of the callous and cold-hearted Baillieu Government, Shadow Employment Minister Tim Pallas said today.

Mr Pallas said releasing public sector job cuts on Friday evening to avoid media and public scrutiny was nothing more than a cynical attempt to hide the fact that more than 3600 people have just been sacked by the Baillieu Government.

“Carving this many jobs from departments will have a massive impact on the delivery of key front line services,” Mr Pallas said.

“While Mr Baillieu and his Ministers enjoy the winter break on holiday from Parliament thousands of Victorian workers discover they will be joining the unemployment queue.

“The release of the departmental cuts early Friday night puts a lie to two claims of the Baillieu Government.

“First that Mr Baillieu runs a spin free government.

“The second is that front line services won’t be impacted from these savage cuts.

“This is a cowardly act by Mr Baillieu and his government and is further evidence this government does not care about hard working Victorian families.

“Mr Baillieu should be investing in Victoria and growing jobs instead he is slashing budgets, cutting vital frontline services and programs and killing-off jobs at an alarming rate.”




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