Posted on 26. Jul, 2012 in News

Premier Ted Baillieu has put politics ahead of people living with disability after he joined ranks with fellow Liberal Premiers to turn down a proposal from the Federal Labor Government to set up the first stages of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Shadow Minister for Disability Services Danielle Green said Mr Baillieu had chosen to toe the party line rather than help Victoria’s most needy.

“This is just another example of Mr Baillieu’s weak leadership and disregard for Victoria’s most vulnerable people and their carers,” Ms Green said.

“The Premier’s refusal to sign up to the trial of the NDIS is yet another example of Mr Baillieu either doing nothing or getting it completely wrong.

“The Premier is playing politics with people to frustrate Labor’s great disability reform.

“He is baulking at a figure of only $10 million a year, despite spending $17 million on toilets for PSOs exclusive use on train stations.

“This means thousands of Victorians living with a disability and their carers will now miss out on desperately needed support that will be provided to those in South Australia, the ACT and Tasmania.

“Now is the time for Mr Baillieu to show some leadership and ensure Victoria does not miss out on this desperately needed reform.”

Ms Green said Ms Wooldridge was responsible for funding cuts to disability services in the wake of the NDIS.

“The Minister’s draft State Disability Plan has been completely undermined, providing nothing but excuses for cutting back funding for disability services, such as individual support packages, aids, equipment, while dragging their heels on respite beds funded in 2010,” she said.

“Victorians living with a disability and their long suffering, hard working carers deserve more from a lazy Minister who promises everything but delivers nothing.”


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