Posted on 05. Sep, 2012 in News

The Baillieu-Ryan Government has confirmed its incompetence in tackling Victoria’s road toll, failing to produce a road safety strategy after nearly two years, Shadow Roads and Road Safety Minister Luke Donnellan said today.

Mr Donnellan said the launch today of a survey by Premier Baillieu and Deputy Leader Peter Ryan was nothing more than a stunt aimed at redeeming Mr Ryan’s tattered credibility.

“After nearly two years in government, today’s thought bubble announcement is further evidence that this no-action Baillieu-Ryan Government is incompetent when it comes to producing a real road safety strategy to save Victorian motorists lives,” Mr Donnellan said.

“Victorians will also be dismayed that the man heading the Baillieu Government’s road safety strategy development  is none other than the failed Police Minister Peter Ryan, the man responsbile for Victoria’s first rise in crime rates in more than a decade.

“The Baillieu Government has sacked hundreds of VicRoads and Department of Justice staff, the very people who would have worked on a road safety strategy and now Mr Ryan expects the public to solve his problems for him.

“Producing stickers, a website  and a survey is not a road safety strategy and it is time the no- action Premier, Peter Ryan and incompetent Roads Minister Terry Mulder produced a detailed road safety strategy that will save Victorian motorists lives after two years of doing nothing.”

Mr Donnellan said Mr Baillieu and Mr Ryan had also sidelined Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission.

“The TAC has a world class reputation in delivering road safety strategies yet the Baillieu-Ryan Government has completely sidelined them,” he said.

“Mr Baillieu and Mr Ryan seem more interested in media stunts than producing policies which will benefit the lives of Victorians.

“The Baillieu-Ryan Government as a first step should return all the maintenance funding it ripped out of the VicRoads budget and fix the thousands of dangerous potholed roads across Victoria.”

Labor’s road safety strategy – Below 200 By 2020 – Protecting Victorians on our Roads – was launched in June 2011and outlined a series of initiatives and an ambitious but achievable new target to reduce the State’s road toll to below 200.

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