Posted on 20. Aug, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government is compromising road safety after stripping VicRoads of maintenance for Victoria’s roads, Shadow Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan said today.

Mr Donnellan said written warning from VicRoads to Roads Minister Terry Mulder last year regarding “extensive and significant failure” of road surfaces had fallen on deaf ears.

Labor revealed earlier this week that Mr Mulder had abandoned Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road by cutting back funding for vital maintenance works.

“Now we learn that the Baillieu Government has slashed maintenance funding right across Victoria,” Mr Donnellan said.

“VicRoads experts warned Mr Mulder that significant failures could occur and the Baillieu Government has done nothing to ensure motorists safety.

“Roads throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria are crumbling and the Baillieu Government’s response has been to sack 450 VicRoads staff, cut maintenance spending and float the option of outsourcing vital VicRoads functions.

“Because of the funding cuts VicRoads is only expected to resurface 5.1 million square metres this financial year compared to 12.7 million square metres in 2011-12.

“You cannot halve road maintenance funding and expect that roads throughout Victoria will remain safe for motorists – particularly in regions that have experienced extensive flooding.

“Mr Mulder seems quite content to send our road network back to the 1800s with gravel roads – next he will be reintroducing the horse and cart.

“The impact on family vehicles and businesses will not result in budget savings, it will cost families, businesses and Victoria’s economy.

“Mr Baillieu and Mr Mulder should detail to Victorians which roads will not be fixed, which roads will receive partial fixes, those that will receive full maintenance funding, how and when they will be fixed.”


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