Posted on 07. Sep, 2012 in News

Premier Ted Baillieu should release TAFE business transition plans which show how TAFEs will deal with the government’s savage budget cuts, Shadow Minister for Skills and Higher Education Steve Herbert said today.

The TAFEs transition plans, demanded by the Baillieu Government, are due by 5pm today.

At yesterday’s sitting of Parliament in Ballarat Mr Herbert asked Mr Baillieu to publicly release TAFE plans, but the Premier evaded answering the question.

“The transition plans outline the details of all TAFEs in regards to how they will be able to operate following Mr Baillieu’s callous $290 million cuts,” Mr Herbert said.

“They outline the large number of job losses, course cuts, campus closures, fee increases, and industrial issues forced on them by the Baillieu Government’s budget cut.

“This is critical to public interest and communities across the state have a right to know.

“The Baillieu Government should provide the details for each TAFE so Victorians can plan their education needs.

“The Baillieu Government doesn’t seem to care about those wanting to gain training or up-skill to gain employment.

“Mr Baillieu doesn’t seem to care that they will be left out in the cold because the government doesn’t see skills training and employment as a priority.”

Mr Herbert said the Baillieu Government had devastated Victoria’s education system with more than $500 million in budget cuts to schools, VCAL and TAFEs.

“In tough economic times governments should be investing in skills training to help people gain employment,” Mr Herbert said.

“Victoria’s economy continues to slide under the dithering Baillieu Government and more and more Victorians are becoming unemployed each month.

“It is time the Baillieu Government invested in skills training instead of making savage budget cuts.

“Labor calls on Mr Baillieu and Skills Minister Peter Hall to release these transition plans into the public realm, because every Victorian has a right to know the full impact of the government’s funding cuts to the TAFE sector.”


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