Posted on 15. Mar, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government must learn from its mistakes made in the recent dispute with nurses and engage in EBA negotiations with Victorian teachers in good faith, Shadow Minister for the Teaching Profession Steve Herbert said today.

Mr Herbert said it was time for the Government to step up and enter into full and frank negotiations with the teachers before industrial unrest disrupts classrooms.

“The teachers of Victoria want what Mr Baillieu promised in opposition – to make them the highest paid teachers in the country,” Mr Herbert said.

“Having been made this promise, the Premier needs to deliver.

“Mr Baillieu has attempted to distance himself from this pledge, but with the teachers’ previous EBA expiring in December last year, it’s time he stopped the spin and told teachers the truth.

“Our schools, teachers and, most importantly, our children shouldn’t be the ones paying the price for the Baillieu Government’s incompetence in negotiating public sector wage demands.”

Mr Herbert said if the Baillieu Government ran the negotiations through the courts, as it did with both nurses and the police, teachers will have no choice but to take industrial action.

“Mr Baillieu has the choice to avoid protracted industrial action by working things through at the negotiating table,” Mr Herbert said.

“Mr Baillieu needs to put the grubby politics aside and negotiate a fair deal for our teachers and certainty for Victorian schools and Victorian students.”

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