Posted on 13. Sep, 2012 in Clayton Update

Ted Baillieu’s Children and Early Childhood Development Minister, Wendy Lovell, embarrassed herself in Parliament today after admitting she had ‘no idea’ about her Government’s effective cut to funding for councils’ early childhood services.

Member for Clayton Hong Lim said Ms Lovell didn’t understand what a reduction in indexation funding for early childhood services meant.

“In a startling moment of clarity, Minister Wendy Lovell demonstrated that she does not understand the basics of her portfolios,” Mr Lim said.

“What Ms Lovell had ‘no idea about’ was that by cutting indexation, councils will have less funding to provide much needed early childhood services such as kindergartens and Maternal Child Health services.”

The Indexation rate is the annual funding increase that organisations, councils and service providers so they can meet increase in demand and cater for growth.

“As a result, councils will be forced to make tough decisions about the level of services they offer,” he said.

“Councils are already struggling to meet the demand on early childhood services as a result of our baby boom.

“The funding cut will mean councils will have to either cut hours or sack staff to make up for the shortfall in funding.

“And the shocking fact is the Minister simply couldn’t comprehend what it all meant.”

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