Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 in Victoria

he Baillieu-Ryan Government must explain why regional Victoria was not represented at the Baillieu Government’s business jobs roundtable meeting, Acting Spokesman for Rural and Regional Development John Lenders said today.

Mr Lenders said the exclusion of regional community and business representatives was further evidence the Baillieu-Ryan Government had abandoned regional Victoria.

“Yet again the Baillieu-Ryan Government has ignored regional Victoria when it comes to job creation,” Mr Lenders said.

“It is outrageous that hundreds of jobs have been lost in regional Victoria under the Baillieu-Ryan Government’s watch yet when a so-called business roundtable to discuss job creation occurs regional Victoria doesn’t get a look in.

“While yesterday’s roundtable was a nice picture opportunity for Mr Baillieu and Mr Ryan, it does nothing to solve the growing jobs crisis in regional Victoria.

“Regional and Rural Development Minister Peter Ryan has sat on his hands as thousands of jobs have been lost and businesses closed in the past 14 months.

“Regional Victoria will be further impacted when the Baillieu Government cuts 3600 public sector jobs.”

Mr Lenders said the Liberal National Government had made things worse by abolishing the role of responsibility of the Minister for Regional Development to create regional jobs.

“The impact of this inaction has already been felt with numerous regional factory closures and thousands of jobs lost,” he said.

“Public sector workers make up a significant part of the regional workforce, and cutting deep into this workforce will in turn have a negative impact on regional economies.

“Where is the Coalition’s jobs plan?”

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