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Sick children are the latest victims of Premier Baillieu’s savage health budget cuts, with the latest data showing growth funding shortfalls will force hospitals to perform 8000 less elective surgeries this financial year, the Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews, said today.

As a result, Mr Andrews said 6000 more Victorians will be waiting for elective surgery at the end of the year including an additional 2000 children.

“Mr Baillieu promised he would deliver more elective surgeries than the previous Labor Government,” Mr Andrews said.

“Instead, the 2011-12 Statement of Priorities for Victorian hospitals data shows Victorian hospitals will perform 7751 less elective surgeries this financial year – not more.

“Mr Baillieu’s health cuts will also result in a ballooning waiting list, which is expected to grow by 6349 patients.

“Sadly, vulnerable sick children will be hardest hit by Mr Baillieu’s growth funding shortfall. At the Royal Children’s Hospital, 2150 more children will be put on the waiting list for treatment including vital heart, bone, eye, brain and ear, nose and throat surgery.

“Mr Baillieu is happy to walk around taking credit for the new children’s hospital Labor built, but when it comes to doing the hard work of delivering better care for our children the Premier is nowhere to be seen.”

Mr Andrews said the Baillieu Government’s growth funding shortfalls had forced hospitals to make the difficult decision to reduce the number of elective surgeries this year.

“When hospitals cut elective surgery, you know the health system is critically underfunded,” he said.

“It confirms what health professionals have been saying for months –Victoria’s hospital system has never been as bad as this.

“And it will only get worse if Mr Baillieu has his way in the nurses’ dispute and cuts a further $100 million from the health budget each year, meaning the equivalent of 1758 nurses will be lost fromVictoria’s health system.”

Mr Andrews said elective surgery patients were the latest casualty of Mr Baillieu’s $500 million cut toVictoria’s health system revealed in this year’s State Budget.

“Mr Baillieu has not added one extra doctor, one extra nurse or one extra hospital bed – and has abandoned his promise to deliver an extra 100 hospital beds this year,” he said.

“He and his Government are clearly feeling the heat on health which is why they tried to bury these figures by dropping them during the busy holiday period.”

Elective Surgery Targets and Waiting List comparison 2010-11 vs 2011-12

Health   Service 2010-11   Elective Surgery Target 2011-12   Elective Surgery Target Difference   Additional   patients on waiting list as at 30/6/2012

(compared to 30/6/2011)

Alfred   Health 11300 10000 -1300   900
Austin   Health 10400 10150 -250   757
Eastern  Health

(includes Box Hill, Maroondah andAnglissHospitals)

13650 12684 -966   1313
MelbourneHealth (RoyalMelbourneHospital) 7906 7780 -126   395
Mercy   Health 6300 6215 -85   49
Northern   Health 8100 7884 -216   0
Peninsula   Health (Frankston  Hospital) 6280 6140 -140   -35
Royal   Children’s Hospital 7600 6750 -850   2150
Royal   Victorian Eye andEar  Hospital 11920 11510 -410   -510
Royal   Women’s Hospital 3467 3860 393   56
Southern   Health

(includes Monash, Dandenong andCaseyHospitals)

22258 20400 -1858   785
St Vincent’s Hospital 5411 5532 121   14
Western   Health

(includes Western, Sunshine andWilliamstownHospitals)

14000 11936 -2064   475
TOTAL 128592 120841 -7751   6349



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