Posted on 21. Mar, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government’s axing of the Victorian Volunteer Small Grants will have a significant impact on community organisations, Shadow Minister for Volunteers John Eren said today.

Mr Eren said the Government’s decision to cut this program would make it harder for community and volunteer organisations to find volunteers.

“A Government that cared about volunteers would not have dumped this important program,” Mr Eren said.

“Cutting this $3 million program will have a devastating impact on community houses, neighbourhood centres and small community organisations that rely on volunteers.

“Ted Baillieu’s decision will only hurt community and volunteer organisations that are always first to assist those in the community at a time of crisis.

“Many community organisations applied for these grants to improve the running of their organisations and to recruit and train volunteers.

“The Baillieu Government funding cut now makes it even harder for these community organisations to recruit more volunteers for the vital work they do.”

Mr Eren said the grants were used for a variety of purposes including volunteer training and development programs.

“Volunteering is essential to building strong local communities,” he said.

“Why has this Government cut such an important program that made a real difference to Victorians?”


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