Posted on 04. Jun, 2012 in News

The Baillieu Government has abandoned the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport which could see an increase in on-field and off-field violence, Shadow Minister for Sport John Eren said today.

Mr Eren said following media reports of violence last weekend at local sporting matches the Baillieu Government had fallen silent despite its bluster for government action when in Opposition.

“The Baillieu Government must explain why it was so keen to support these 16,000 clubs in Opposition but now in government has abandoned them,” Mr Eren said.

Sports Minister Hugh Delahunty when in Opposition said in parliament on May 26, 2010:

“All members would agree that we need a code of conduct…….I am saying there are 16 000 sporting groups right across Victoria, mostly run by volunteers who do an enormous job, particularly in country Victoria. The worry for these groups is how they implement this sporting code of conduct…… but for a lot of the smaller groups, people with disabilities and others, the implementation of this code is a major concern. I call on the minister to show more support for volunteers in funding this program.

Mr Delahunty admitted during the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings earlier this month that “the other program that will conclude in 2011–12 is the community sport code of conduct’.

“The Baillieu Government will not provide any assistance to the 16,000 Victorian community sporting clubs and associations who are required to comply with the code,” Mr Eren said.

“The Baillieu Government has cut the program and funding and walked away from its responsibility to ensure it assists Victorian sporting clubs.

“This is another slap in the face to sporting clubs by the Baillieu Government as clubs rely on government support to promote good behaviour.

“Breaking the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport may mean clubs do not receive government funding for projects they rely on such as new change rooms or facility upgrades.”

Mr Eren said Labor developed the Code in consultation with AFL Victoria, Football Federation Victoria and Basketball Victoria to send a loud and clear message – that bad behaviour, violence and intimidation had no place in community sport. “The Baillieu Government must explain why it believes it doesn’t need to help clubs fight vilification, violence and abuse, sexual harassment or intimidation, and negligence,” he said.


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