Posted on 29. Feb, 2012 in News

Today’s release of the Victorian Auditor General’s report into Public Transport Performance has slammed the Baillieu Liberal National Government for failing to invest in public transport, Shadow Minister for Public Transport Fiona Richardson said.

Ms Richardson said the report noted “future challenges are significant” and that “capital expenditure on public transport will need to triple over the next decade to cope with the expected growth”.

Ms Richardson said Transport Minister Terry Mulder declared in Parliament last year that he had fixed Victoria’s transport issues and today attempted to support this claim with customer satisfaction surveys claiming Victorians are satisfied with public transport.

“Given Mr Mulder’s claim to have fixed all the problems with public transport you would expect the Auditor General’s report would be full of praise. Instead, the Liberal National Government has been given a fail by the independent Auditor General,” Ms Richardson said.

“This is an “Emperor has no clothes” moment for Mr Mulder with the independent Auditor General laying bare the Minister’s claim to have fixed all the problems with public transport.”

Ms Richardson said that the Auditor General’s report had ticked off the Liberal National Government for failing to invest enough money to improve the transport system and handle growth.

“Mr Mulder has failed to order any new V/Line carriages, trams or additional metro trains despite record patronage growth, and this year’s budget will have to play catch up given the lack of investment in last year’s budget,” she said.

“The report was scathing of satisfaction surveys and said “satisfaction for all public transport modes has deteriorated” and that “performance has mostly fallen short of government targets”.

“The Baillieu Liberal National Government promised to improve Victoria’s public transport system but has failed.

“Instead, nearly two out of every three new services are travelling in the wrong direction during peak hour, there is no new rolling stock, and the government has slugged commuters with a ticket price rise of an average 8.6 per cent.

“Mr Mulder claimed he fixed Victoria’s public transport network, but if he actually talked to commuters he would realise the system is overcrowded on a daily basis and cancellations and significant delays continue to frustrate commuters.

“Mr Mulder has slashed premium station upgrades, put politics ahead of safety with level crossing upgrades and approved a timetable that slows trains down.”


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