Posted on 20. Aug, 2012 in Victoria

Victoria’s world renowned Great Ocean Road is likely to suffer “extensive and significant failure” because of a lack of Baillieu Government funding, documents obtained by Shadow Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan reveal.

Obtained through Freedom of Information the VicRoads documents confirm there are significant parts of the Great Ocean Road (GOR) in need of major repair, but that funding provided by the Baillieu Government is less than half of what VicRoads requires.

In a brief to Roads Minister Terry Mulder VicRoads Chief Operation Officer Bruce Gidley warns that:

“the current pavement rehabilitation funding levels increase the likelihood that there will be extensive and significant failure of the road pavement.

“Proposals for reconstruction/rehabilitation of the road pavement on 33 sites at an estimated cost of about $7 million were also considered but not funded in the current 2011-12 financial year.

“It has been estimated that the road requires an average annual expenditure of around $9 million to maintain it to an appropriate standard.

“Total maintenance funding for the Great Ocean Road in the current financial year is around $4 million.”

Mr Donnellan said the documents showed Mr Baillieu had abandoned maintaining the iconic Great Ocean Road, potentially putting motoring families and tourists at risk.

“This is a disgraceful situation where Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road – our tourism Mecca – is not only being damaged by wear and tear but by inaction from the Baillieu Government,” Mr Donnellan said.

“You don’t need to be Einstein to realise that without proper funding for vital maintenance works on the GOR there is a real likelihood of more accidents.

“With Summer just around the corner, the GOR – which is known for its high accident and collision rate – will be inundated with thousands of holidaymakers travelling up and down the coast.

“Terry Mulder’s own department painted a clear picture – without proper funding there will be an extensive and significant failure of the road placing motorist’s safety at major risk.

“Embarrassingly for Mr Mulder this is a major thoroughfare through his own electorate – what hope does this give those residents and what damage will this also do to GOR tourism?

“Mr Baillieu and Mr Mulder should detail which GOR sites require immediate fixes, how and when they will be funded and repaired.”

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