ADJOURNMENT – Rail: Pakenham and Cranbourne lines – Thursday, 7 Jun 2012

Posted on 15. Jun, 2012 in Speeches

Mr LIM (Clayton) — I wish to raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport. The specific action I seek is for him to provide to the house full details of the proposed Springvale rail crossing elimination project and future works planned along the Pakenham and Cranbourne rail lines over the life of this Parliament. I raise this issue following the contribution by the member for Mordialloc on 22 May to the budget debate. In that contribution she said:

“Then there is the $349 million to replace with bridges the Springvale rail crossing and two others in Melbourne”.

I view this statement with alarm and extreme concern, as will all shopkeepers and local residents. I am aware that the member for Mordialloc’s domain is mainly along the Frankston rail line and that only a very small section of the suburb of Springvale South is included in the Mordialloc electoral district. However, as the member is part of the government she would probably be privy to the plan for this important rail crossing elimination project which will greatly affect this shopping centre precinct forever.

I have been critical of the minister for fast‑tracking the level crossing at New Street, Brighton, which is no. 223 on the Department of Transport’s priority list. My view is that the people residing between that former crossing and South Road are incensed by the works to reopen it. I also understand that the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, the member for Brighton, gets her way because of her factional strength in the party and that she only wants the crossing reopened because Labor closed it.

The crossing in Springvale is not part of the Liberal Party kingdom, although there is a member in the other place who likes to throw her weight around because she thinks that is the case. This crossing is no. 1 on the Department of Transport’s priority list and should be eliminated correctly, with the station and rail line being placed underground. If the bridge option has been approved, I call on the minister to reject this option forthwith and to seriously sit down with the community and the local traders and their business associations and listen to their views as there are genuine concerns about the bridge option.


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