ADJOURNMENT – Rail: Clayton station – Thursday, 25 Oct 2012

Posted on 02. Nov, 2012 in Speeches

The matter I raise is for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport. I ask the minister to take urgent action to ensure that the rebuilding of the stand‑alone waiting building on the city side of Clayton railway station is completed as a matter of urgency. Last year the historic waiting area building outside the ticketing area was destroyed by fire and has since been demolished. The remaining undercover area is too small for commuters, especially during the morning peak period.

With our particularly wet autumn, winter and now spring, I would have expected that the rebuilding would be a priority, but this appears not to be the case. This delay in rebuilding also raises a serious safety issue, as on wet mornings commuters congregate under the remaining cover and the overcrowding is resulting in some passengers standing close to the platform’s edge. I ask that the minister accord this matter the seriousness it deserves. We cannot wait for some unfortunate incident to happen.

The Liberal government’s policy of providing two protective services officers at every railway station after hours is yet to be implemented at the Clayton railway station. I hope that the burnt‑out waiting room area previously used by rail commuters is not going to be taken up by exclusive‑use toilets for the protective services officers. Clayton rail commuters would take a very dim view of such a development.

I ask the minister to investigate the matter and to take action to ensure that this historic undercover waiting area is rebuilt as soon as possible to ensure that commuters have adequate coverage at Clayton railway station.


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