ADJOURNMENT – Namatjira Park, Clayton South: redevelopment – Thursday, 21 Jun 2012

Posted on 28. Jun, 2012 in Speeches

Mr LIM (Clayton) — The matter I raise is for the attention of the Minister for Water. The action I seek is that the minister visit the Clayton South stormwater harvesting and reuse project being undertaken by Melbourne Water and the City of Kingston to view it and discuss the eradication of the thousands of seagulls that have taken up residence at the former retarding basin. This particular Melbourne Water retarding basin abuts houses in Clayton South on three sides, with the west boundary being the City of Kingston’s Namatjira Park, which holds a yearly weekend music festival, the Globe to Globe festival, featuring international and local artists.

The City of Kingston is undertaking a major redevelopment of Namatjira Park, and the new wetland being constructed next to it is supposed to provide a win‑win situation for the local residents and the general community through the linking of the two areas with walking tracks and the storage of up to 92 megalitres of potable water for use by the council. The project is massive, with the existing levee banks being reshaped, pipes being laid and structures being built to control the water flow within the wetland. A bridge and shared paths are being built around the wetland to connect residents living in Springs Road, Simon Street and Russ Street, and 80 000 native plants are being planted.

Unfortunately, thousands of seagulls formerly residing at the many local landfill sites have decided to move to this location, defeating the purpose of the new wetland and redeveloped park, which was to enable local residents to get outdoors and enjoy life. The situation has become very bad, because residents living within a kilometre of the project can no longer play with their children outdoors, can no longer enjoy gardening, can no longer dry clothes outdoors, can no longer have barbecues or invite friends to visit and have the problem of continually having to wash bird droppings off their vehicles, windows and footpaths.

I call on the minister to visit the project with me in the near future to discuss these concerns with the residents and to work through the issue with Melbourne Water and the City of Kingston in order to eradicate the thousands of pests in the area.


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