ADJOURNMENT – Buses: Clayton South–Huntingdale service – Thursday, 29 Mar 2012

Posted on 05. Apr, 2012 in Speeches

Mr LIM (Clayton) — I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport. I request that the minister provide funding for a new bus route linking the Clayton South and Clarinda communities with Huntingdale and beyond in each direction. The minister will be aware that a series of bus reviews were conducted by the previous government, and many new services were provided, including the SmartBus routes, which have been of great benefit to constituents of the Clayton electorate. Those are the 900 service along North and Wellington roads, the 902 service along Springvale Road and the 903 service along Warrigal Road. Many existing routes received extra funding for increased frequency of service, longer hours of operation and restructuring. These were in direct response to increasing demand and as a result of the former government listening to commuters, who clearly articulated their public transport needs in relation to getting to and from work, schools, universities and shopping facilities in the shortest possible time.

Frequent calls to my office indicate the need for a new bus service linking Clarinda Road in Clayton South to Huntingdale along Huntingdale Road. Taking Clarinda Road as the middle point, travelling south and south‑east, residents have identified that there is no direct access to family and friends in Dingley and Keysborough or to the Keysborough shopping centre. Travelling north and north‑west, residents have identified that there is no direct access to family and friends in Huntingdale or to the Huntingdale railway station and bus services to Monash University, Chadstone shopping centre and Deakin University.

This new route has merit, as it would also assist with the chaotic car parking situation at Huntingdale railway station, which has become so notorious and is always the subject of headlines in the local newspaper. During the last term of the Labor government 150 extra car parking spaces were provided, and we had planned for 150 more. However, new car parking has not eventuated under this government.

I commend the minister on accepting our position, albeit as a trial — that is, the bus shuttle from Huntingdale to Monash University. This new route could continue up Huntingdale Road before turning left at Waverley Road and heading for Chadstone shopping centre. This would allow students attending Deakin University to link with the 767 route, and this new route would also ease pressure on bus overcrowding at Clayton. I ask the minister to bring about this new bus route for the benefit of people as mentioned.

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