Workcover Cash Grab Props Up Baillieu’s Ailing Budget

Posted on 16. Dec, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government’s reckless financial management has resulted in a massive cash grab on Victoria’s WorkCover scheme, the Shadow Minister for WorkCover, Robin Scott, said today.

Mr Scott said the 2011/12 Budget Update released today showed the Baillieu Government would recover $471.5 million in dividends from the Victorian WorkCover Authority, but have offered no relief to business or improved benefits to workers.

“Due to lazy financial management, the Baillieu Government has raided WorkCover to prop up Victoria’s ailing Budget,” Mr Scott said.

“Today, Mr Baillieu ripped almost half a billion dollars from WorkCover that will inevitably result in higher premiums for businesses and/or reduced benefits for workers.

“This means ordinary businesses and families will be paying the price of the Baillieu Government’s failure to properly manage Victoria’s finances.”

Mr Scott said Mr Baillieu had missed an opportunity to lower the cost of employment for businesses at a time when more and more Victorians face unemployment.

“Victoria’s economy has stalled and unemployment is up. Now is the time to deliver an incentive for employers to take on workers,” Mr Scott said.

“Instead, Mr Baillieu has done the reverse.

“It beggars belief that when people are losing their jobs, Mr Baillieu would act to increase the cost of employment in Victoria.

“Over the period of the Bracks Brumby Governments, Labor slashed WorkCover premiums six times to historic lows and massively improved benefits for injured workers.”

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