Posted on 24. Nov, 2011 in News

Labor Leader Daniel Andrews today recommitted a future Labor Government to reinstating nurse-to-patient ratios and fixing any damage done by Premier Baillieu and his Government.

Thousands of nurses and their supporters marched on Parliament today to send a clear message to Mr Baillieu and his Health Minister David Davis that nurse-to-patient ratios must be retained.

“Nurses right across our State work hard taking care of patients each and every day,” Mr Andrews said.

“Nurse-to-patient ratios are about supporting Victorian nurses and making sure patients get quality care, and they work.

“It’s shameful Mr Baillieu is so determined to undermine nurse-to-patient ratios by replacing nurses with unregistered and unqualified nursing assistants.

“If Mr Baillieu ignores the pleas of nurses and the community to retain nurse-to-patient ratios, Labor will reinstate them.

“Labor understands how important our nurses are and we support the work they do. And no nurse or midwife should have to use enterprise bargaining to protect nurse-to-patient ratios.

“Working conditions shouldn’t be undermined and that’s why we not only support nurse-to-patient ratios, but I will reinstate them if they are scrapped.”

Mr Andrews said the Baillieu Government was failing to negotiate in good faith with nurses by taking an axe to nurse-to-patient ratios and undermining nurses and midwives with unqualified and unregistered assistants.

“This is a fight to defend working conditions and a fight to defend quality care for Victorian patients,” he said.

“I hope Mr Baillieu and his Health Minister start listening to nurses and commit to keeping nurse-to-patient ratios.”

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