Posted on 28. Oct, 2011 in News

The Deputy Premier’s position is completely untenable following a damning report into the misconduct of the Baillieu Government, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

The Office of Police Integrity report, titled Crossing the Line, has already forced Mr Ryan’s Parliamentary Secretary for Police, Bill Tilley, and his senior ministerial adviser Tristan Weston to resign.

Mr Andrews said it was beyond belief Peter Ryan had no idea that a campaign to bring down the Independent Chief Commissioner was being waged from his own office.

“This is a damning report that outlines a culture of interference, inappropriate behaviour and gross misconduct from an adviser working inside Deputy Premier Peter Ryan’s own office,” Mr Andrews said.

“The Opposition gave Mr Ryan the opportunity to provide answers to the Parliament about what happened.

“Mr Ryan’s response is that it is Tristan Weston’s fault, Bill Tilley’s fault, Simon Overland’s fault, Ken Jones’ fault, the media’s fault – there is no one he won’t blame to protect himself.

“Even if you take Peter Ryan’s fanciful claim that he knew absolutely nothing about what was occurring, then the level of ignorance he is using as his alibi renders him grossly incompetent.

“This is a man responsible for overseeing law and order in our state. If he has no idea what’s happening in his office, he has no business being the Police Minister.

“Mr Ryan should resign, or Mr Baillieu should ask for his resignation.”

Mr Andrews said the Deputy Premier still had questions that needed to be answered, including:

  • How is it that the Deputy Premier didn’t know about three key meetings between a Senior Minister, Parliamentary Secretary and Government staff members and Sir Ken Jones?
  • How is it the Deputy Premier said in June 2010 that “… in the incoming Government there will be accountability…” yet refuses to take accountability for the actions of his former Parliamentary Secretary and his staff?
  • How is it that the Deputy Premier said he was left out of the loop when Tristan Weston, Bill Tilley and Sir Ken Jones said he was most definitely in it?
  • How is it that the Deputy Premier failed, in the three months that Tristan Weston worked for him, to ask who was waging the war to undermine Simon Overland?
  • How is it that the Deputy Premier can say he hasn’t undermined Simon Overland when Tristan Weston said that the Minister indicated the Rush Review was aimed at getting Simon Overland the sack?; and
  • Why is the Deputy Premier saying that the report vindicates him when the OPI clearly states it does not have the power to investigate his actions?

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