Posted on 07. Nov, 2011 in News

Train commuters have been dudded by the Baillieu Government, with an analysis of the new timetable revealing that most of the extra services are going the wrong way, Shadow Minister for Transport Fiona Richardson said today.

“The Minister has approved a timetable that sends nearly two out of every three new services the wrong way during peak hour,” Ms Richardson said.

“For instance, there are no new services for commuters travelling into the city during the morning peak on the Frankston, Cranbourne, Pakenham, Craigieburn, Sydenham, Alamein, Williamstown, Belgrave, Lilydale, Epping and Hurstbridge lines.

“The only new services on these lines in the morning peak period are travelling in the wrong direction out of the city.”

Ms Richardson said that across the network there were only 21 new peak hour services travelling in the right direction despite the government’s claim to have added 127 new services.

“That means that only 16 per cent of the Baillieu Government’s new services are running in the right direction and at the right time to help the majority of commuters,” she said.

“The problem for Transport Minister Terry Mulder is that 16 per cent is a fail in anyone’s language.

“Mr Mulder should never have allowed this new timetable to see the light of day.”

Ms Richardson said that Metro had been less than truthful by claiming that the peak hour trains running in the wrong direction were there to provide additional services during rush hour.

“The overwhelming majority of services running in the wrong direction do not turn around and return to the city during the morning rush,” she said.

“In Opposition, Mr Mulder said: “Melbourne’s trains should travel to where commuters want to go, rather than where the [government] wants to send them”.

“It’s time Mr Mulder took on board his own advice and acted to make sure commuters have access to the services they need.”




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