Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government will ban south eastern suburbs’ train commuters from using toilets provided for protective service officers, Shadow Transport Minister Fiona Richardson said today.

Ms Richardson said Transport Minister Terry Mulder admitted commuters would not be allowed to use toilets, but protective service officers could – and so could he if he was “caught short”.

“This is a disgraceful decision by the Baillieu Government which will inconvenience thousands of commuters in the south eastern suburbs,” Ms Richardson said.

“While Mr Mulder and PSOs will be able to use toilets at stations on the Cranbourne, Pakenham, Frankston and Sandringham lines, commuters won’t.

“Mr Mulder’s comment that if commuters are going to a station and there isn’t a toilet, ‘they make arrangements’ is outrageous.

“There are already many stations on the south eastern suburbs lines which either don’t have toilets available or are locked to commuters.

“If it is good enough for PSOs and the Minister to use a toilet at stations then it should be perfectly fine for commuters.

“There should be no reason at all why PSOs manning these stations cannot open up the toilets for commuters to use.”

Ms Richardson said south eastern suburbs commuters were already reeling from the Baillieu Government’s broken promise to improve public transport and station facilities.

“The only new peak hour service on the Pakenham line is travelling in the wrong direction from Pakenham to the city,” Ms Richardson said.

“The Baillieu Government claimed to have added five new peak hour services on the Frankston line. However, the analysis shows that of the five new services two are travelling in the wrong direction and the remaining three evening peak hour trains all leave the city before 5pm.

“Nearly 50 per cent of the new peak hour services on the Sandringham line are travelling in the wrong direction.

“The Baillieu Government promised to improve public transport for the south eastern suburbs.

“Instead it has delivered no new services, banned commuters from using toilets and raised fares from January 1, 2012 by 8.6 per cent (approximately $150 extra per year for daily zone one fare) or in some cases more than double the inflation rate.”

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