MEMBERS STATEMENTS – Clayton electorate: landfill sites – Thursday, 30 June 2011

Posted on 14. Jul, 2011 in Speeches

Mr LIM (Clayton) — I raise the extreme concern of the community in the electorate of Clayton in relation to the continuing intolerable, disgusting and health hazardous odour problem unnecessarily suffered by our community. I raised this as an adjournment matter last night, and I raise it again this morning to stress the extreme seriousness of the community’s concern. I wish to draw the attention of the house to the fact that the horrible smell coming out of those offensive landfill sites has adversely affected the community, and so much so that some people feel compelled to sell their homes and move out of the area.
Community members believe this government has failed to take the correct action to safeguard their health, quality of life and right to live in a hazard free environment. Community members know the Environment Protection Authority, the government and the landfill operator could do the right thing, because they know what their responsibilities are, but the landfill operator has been allowed to not do the right thing, take the community for granted and treat members of the community like people in Third World countries who have to live near rubbish dumps. This is not right, and I ask the Minister for Environment and Climate Change to take serious action on behalf of the community. The community is outraged, and I invite the minister to attend a public meeting on 20 July to witness the outrage of the community firsthand. This situation should not be allowed to continue, and I challenge the minister to attend the meeting.

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