MEMBERS STATEMENTS – Chinese Community Council of Australia: information session – Wednesday, 12 Oct 2011

Posted on 15. Nov, 2011 in Speeches

Mr LIM (Clayton) — I rise to congratulate the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA), Victorian chapter, on hosting another successful event. More than 50 leaders from various Victorian Chinese community organisations attended an afternoon gathering at Parliament House on 18 August. This event was hosted by the Chinese Community Council of Australia, Victorian chapter, as an information session on its national conference in Melbourne in August 2012.

Attendees heard speeches from several MPs, all of whom warmly encouraged bipartisan cooperation and unity among Chinese community groups in Australia. MPs who addressed this gathering
included the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship; the Leader of the Opposition; the President of the Legislative Council, the Honourable Bruce Atkinson; the shadow Treasurer, the member for Lyndhurst; the Shadow Minister for Finance, the member for Preston; and former Liberal Senator Tsebin Tchen.

Dr Stanley Chiang, president of the Victorian chapter of CCCA said he was encouraged by the bipartisan support from both the coalition and the ALP. He stressed that this gathering was a significant step for the Chinese community towards achieving its goal of creating a united voice for the Chinese in Australia. He welcomed and congratulated the more than 20 Chinese community organisations who joined up as members on the day, and he thanked them for their faith in the work and vision of the CCCA. So far the Victorian chapter of the CCCA has a membershipof close to 40 organisations.

I must report that the Queensland chapter of the CCCA was launched on 18 September this year, so the Chinese community is now linked up on the eastern seaboard of Australia.


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